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Intuitive Reading / Coaching Sessions


About Lian

"As you start to walk on the way,

the way appears" - Rumi


We all have such immense power to choose our focus in the present moment. With that power, we can focus on the reality we want to create.

Focus is Power!

 I'm a friendly jokester on my Spiritual path, which has brought me to this particular destination in this moment.

 I have over 25 years of experience in education as a teacher, mentor, organizer, advocate and coach, all of which contribute to my unique perspective on this aspect of my own journey. 

In my practice as a professionally trained psychic Spiritual Intuitive, I rely on available resources, including psychic impressions via my gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience,  claircognizance and often humor.  My role is to serve as a conduit of information and energy to help counsel you with  - and to - intuitive guidance.

So it's all about intuition: mine and yours.

I like to structure readings as conversations in the context of support and advocacy for you, with the goal of exploring your questions in a way that facilitates  identifying your own energy flow and assists you in recognzing and standing in your power!



Intuitive Reading - 50 minutes or 30 minutes

Connecting for Clarity

One-on-one sessions with Lian allow for a full, collaborative conversation around client questions. Whether you have very specific or broad topics you'd like to explore, we can shape the session based on desired outcomes, guiding visions and energy flow.

Live Readings

50 minutes - $135

30 minutes -$80

Email readings also available - $40

Schedule a Reading below on this page.


Intuitive Coaching Packages

Spiritual growth is a wonderful, powerful process that can be exhilirating, confusing and liberating, sometimes simultaneously! In all cases, it is unique to each person. Coaching sessions will be designed based on individual need  and will allow an opportunity to  work collaboratively over the course of time to attain greater clarity.

 Generally we'd start with a reading or consultation prior to designing a coaching package.

If you'd like to explore this service, feel free to reach out via Direct Message on Instagram or Facebook, or email me through the site or at

Customer Testimonials

I wanted to let you know that you are exactly right! That’s literally exactly what happened after I had sent my original message ... I’m hoping for a happy ending! You are amazing!


Wow that’s so accurate!!! Everything you said- yes absolutely, you’re very gifted! ...thank you so much. This was insanely accurate!


 Thank you so much for this reading Lian! I'm so grateful for your time and energy. This reading really resonates with me in all senses really. Certainly I am focusing on healing & growing from that past energy -I really feel like I'm able to see the lessons I had in those experiences, but that I don't hold on to them anymore. Your reading is a good reminder to keep moving in that energy and to keep things bright and positive in myself and around me. Everything you said resonates and gives me hope...Thank you for this message. I'm sending you lots of positivity and gratitude. Stay safe & take care! 


Thank you very much! I find your reading resonating! You described very beautiful picture!


Wow... that was awesome. Thank you so much! So accurate it’s almost scary lol. Thank you again!


Hi Lian! Thanks for the reading, you are ON THE MONEY. I do have a very direct and determined way of approaching any goal. Very warrior like. The name you've given him is perfect since I refer to him that way in my head! Lol. Thank you so much for taking the time to read for me, it's a definitely a good confirmation of my own intuitive inclinations!



Schedule  a Reading

30 minute and 50 minute live sessions.

Email readings also available for $40.

Questions? Get in touch through the site, or message me at LianIntuition on Instagram or Facebook.

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