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Can you hear your own music?

I was having a harrowing day, awaiting word on the status of a dear friend who was undergoing emergency open heart surgery.

As my “monkey mind” started doing somersaults, I figured it was time for a figurative and literal cleansing, so I took a shower, which I highly recommend in such circumstances. Being stationary and allowing oneself to be immersed in water is a subtle way of letting go, and grounding in the present moment.

As the water ran over me, I closed my eyes and invited my guides – any guide will do! – to bring me any message I needed to hear. A newer guide for me showed up, a calming presence wearing a blue sash, who leaned in and asked, “Can you hear your own music?”

I was immediately taken back to a quote from Wayne Dyer, who was recounting his reading of “The Death of Ivan Ilyich” by Leo Tolstoy. Said Dyer, “Don’t die, with your music still in you.”

That has a double meaning for me, since the friend I mentioned is a musician himself. But in the broader sense, when the universe confronts any of us with the issue of human, physical mortality, Dyer’s words ring louder. On the one hand, would my friend, or I, be able to say that we had played our music before the end? And perhaps more importantly, do we even know what our music is?

What is it we’re supposed to sing or play for the world? Do we know it? Can we hear our OWN music?

Such a timely and wonderful message from Spirit today, about identifying and expressing our true purpose.

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