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Lian is a highly gifted, natural intuitive and professionally trained psychic. Among other courses of study, he has completed Sara Wiseman’s Professional Reader Certification in spiritual intuition.

"I've  worked in the education field for over 25 years as a teacher, mentor, coach, trainer and organizer.

A native Californian, I bring a wealth of life experiences to my intuitive work. I'm a teacher and advocate by profession and by nature, and I strive to help clients identify their own capacity to recognize their spiritual paths, and to learn to stand in their own power!

My reading style is collaborative with the goal of providing clarity."


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Customer Testimonials


I wanted to let you know that you are exactly right! That’s literally exactly what happened after I had sent my original message ... I’m hoping for a happy ending! You are amazing!


Wow that’s so accurate!!! Everything you said- yes absolutely, you’re very gifted! ...thank you so much. This was insanely accurate!


 Thank you so much for this reading Lian! I'm so grateful for your time and energy. This reading really resonates with me in all senses really. Certainly I am focusing on healing & growing from that past energy -I really feel like I'm able to see the lessons I had in those experiences, but that I don't hold on to them anymore. Your reading is a good reminder to keep moving in that energy and to keep things bright and positive in myself and around me. Everything you said resonates and gives me hope...Thank you for this message. I'm sending you lots of positivity and gratitude. Stay safe & take care! 


Thank you very much! I find your reading resonating! You described very beautiful picture!


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